3 Commandments of Thyroid Health

Once you find out you have any kind of thyroid issue, it can be fairly overwhelming to conquer.

Below are 3 easy things to follow that are guaranteed to help you manage your thyroid health.

Photo by Melissa Chabot via unsplash.com

#1: Thou shalt practice self-care 

When you have a thyroid disorder your body is already working in overtime to correct, compensate, and fight itself. That is unbelievably stressful! Stress is bad as it is even for the healthiest of people. Make sure you practice self care.

Do you need some alone time to read, or listen to music?

Do you need to go sit in a coffee shop somewhere and relax away from home?

Do you need to stay in on a Saturday night and do girly things like face masks, and deep condition your hair?

DO IT. Whatever makes you happy and feel emotionally full should take some level of priority in your life. You cannot be your best self to others around you if your tank is on ‘E.’

Practicing self-care will not only help you mentally but will help your body to regulate your hormones, which we all know is important if you have any kind of thyroid or autoimmune disorder.

#2: Thou shalt not divert from the morning routine 

If you are any kind of thyroid medication chances are you take at least one dosage in the morning with instructions to not eat or drink anything with calories for 30min-1hr.

Whatever your morning routine looks like make sure you do your best to stick to it! Even if it means getting up an hour earlier on a sleepy Sunday morning to take your meds and start your day.

For me it looks like this: Wake up, take meds, sip on 20oz of water, start the coffee, shower, and pack lunch/cook breakfast. By the time that is all said and done it’s been about 1hr and I can eat and drink my coffee+coconut milk with ease knowing I set myself up for hormonal success.

Even if you don’t have a thyroid disorder, setting and maintaining a morning routine can be helpful in so many ways. You can read more about that here.

#3: Thou shalt never stop reading, researching, and advocating 

Thyroid health looks different for everyone. Just like no one has the same fingerprints, everyone has thyroid symptoms that present in different ways, bloodwork trends that present differently, and have different treatment plans.

This for me was the most daunting part: there was no quick fix to feel better! It’s all trial, error, reading, researching, and asking questions.

Many people struggle with doctors who tell them their symptoms are all in their head, or who only try to treat with meds while the patient still has symptoms, or aren’t willing to try other methods. YOU CAN FIRE YOUR DOCTOR AND GET A NEW ONE! You can READ and research! Be an advocate for your health because your thyroid health will change as the years go on. It’s a lifelong thing to manage and the sooner you begin to advocate for yourself, the more effective your treatments will be.

Wanna share? 

What methods have worked for you? What has your experience been with doctors? Share below!