Minimalist Hack: Keep a Lid on it!

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We all have faced the same problem: the dreaded container lid drawer. Or shelf. Or bucket. Or something that, no matter how you try to keep your lids organized – even if you buy the ones that snap to the bottom of your containers – things always get rearranged, go missing, or are just plain annoying.

In my kitchen, I finally invested in my first complete sets of glasses, plates, and silverware (FYI I’m obsessed with my dishes, it’s beautiful set, you can find it here). I had two dedicated drawers to “throw” the lids in from tupperware, shaker tops, thermoses, reusable cups,  and the tupperware and other things sat dispersed across shelves up above. I wanted to free up some of that space so I could store my pretty new kitchen pieces in a more organized fashion.

I went searching for some solutions that a) wouldn’t break the bank and b) would fit the items I already had. I found two incredible pieces that completely met all my needs!

Enter stage left, the Food Storage Lid Organizer!

This organizer helps keep things nice and neat and you can clearly see what you have.

Now, I still had to deal with the shaker tops and other odds and ends.

Enter stage right, the Under Shelf Wire Basket!

This let me utilize some of the cabinet space for the smaller pieces that never really had a home.

The end result? I moved the contents of two drawers and three shelves down to JUST two shelves with these affordable and quick fixes.

The view from the top – all different brands and sizes fit easily into this organizer.

Here is the relationship to minimalism:

I can see what I have.

I can easily access the things I have.

I can clearly see that I do not need to buy anything more than what I already own. 

That’s the ticket. To know what you have, realize that what you have is enough, so you don’t accumulate more than what you need.

My cabinet – two shelves with all of my food storage needs met.


So what is your trick to keep a lid on things in the kitchen? Comment below and let me know! 🙂

4 Replies to “Minimalist Hack: Keep a Lid on it!”

  1. I’m all about minamilism. The least amount on my kitchen counters the better. My hubby is always complaining because I always put the toaster and blender away. I just don’t like seeing them on the counters all the time

    1. I’m the same! I try to keep as many things off the counter as possible. The only things I have out are the coffee maker, toaster, and knives! The one thing I’d like to keep put away is the microwave but it’s HUGE. Eventually I’ll install one above the stove ha.

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