My Specialized Grocery List

Once of the biggest shifts I had to make in my life was moving to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. Additionally, I’ve found through completing a Whole 30 elimination diet that rice and tomatoes are not my friend, and neither is refined sugar.

If you find yourself in a similar dietary situation for whatever reason, maybe this list will help you.

One of my favorite places to shop is WinCo – and you’d think that in order to eat with these kinds of dietary restrictions I need to shop at specialty store! But, while I do love Sprout’s and Whole Foods, shopping there is not sustainable on my budget and most of the time I can get the ‘extras’ I need (like protein powder) from Amazon. Fry’s also has some really good deals on meat at the butcher counter, so if you are near a Kroger-type store that is also budget-friendly.

Spinach or Greens Mix (good in eggs, sauteed with fats, in smoothies)
Frozen Berries
Fresh Fruit (I buy whatever is in season or on sale)
Potatoes (5lb bag for <$2 @ WinCo)
Bell peppers

Meats & Poultry
Chicken Sausage
Eggs (18-count)
Chicken Breast (1-2 lbs)
Lean Turkey (93/7)
Fajita Beef (Kroger, 3 lbs)
Bacon (1 lb)
Salmon (2 fillets)
*I do not buy all of this in one week, but I mix and match depending on what I want. Figuring out the amounts I need was the tricky part!

6-7 gallons of water (I drink about one gallon per day)
12 Pack Lime La Croix (also on Amazon)
Califia Almond/Coconut Milk Blend (2 containers)

Fine Almond Flour (for pancakes)
Ghee butter (monthly purchase)
Olive Oil (monthly purchase)