Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: All Purpose Cleaner

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One of my long-term goals is to switch my home over to natural cleaning solutions rather than chemical ones. While it’s an overwhelming task, it can be easier if you switch over one staple at a time.

The first thing I wanted to switch over was something I use all the time – I needed an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all the surfaces in my home. This easy recipe is good for countertops and even works well on glass, although there is another recipe for that to come so stay tuned 😉

What you’ll need:

Lemon Essential Oil

Distilled Water

White Vinegar

Spray Bottles *I used these glass bottles because I’ve always had trouble with the cheap plastic ones leaking, and these bottles are especially good for use with essential oils

Photo by John Wilson via unsplash.com


8oz Distilled Water

8oz White Vinegar

15 drops Lemon Essential Oil

BOOM! Start cleaning 🙂

Minimalist Hack: Take out the Trash

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As I’m stumbling along this journey of minimalism, one of the newest (and smartest) trends in the kitchen world is hiding your trash and recycle bin out of sight.

When my parents remodeled their kitchen they installed one of the cabinets specifically for this. It’s fantastic! Super fancy! But if you aren’t remodeling your kitchen and want the benefit of a hidden waste receptacle, there are a few other cost-effective and easy fixes for you to take out the trash.

#1 Simple Human Pull Out Trash

This one is fantastic – easy to install, and it glides out SO smoothly. If you read the reviews people rave about it. The width on this one sits at 10″ so it’s moderately sized, and potentially the easiest to fit two side-by-side.

#2 Simple Human Trash-Recycle Combo

This one is perfect if you do not have room for two bins side-by-side under your cabinets. This one also installs easily, and slides out smoothly. At 9.8″ width, it’s conveniently sized especially for smaller spaces like under the sink.

#3 Rev-A-Shelf Under Sink Roll Out 

This one is great if you need two bins, but be advised this that is a bit wider than the Simple Human options at 14.38″ width. If you have a wider cabinet and can manage this, it is a very comparable option.

Measure, measure, measure! 

One of the biggest tips I can give is measure, measure, measure! Take the measurements, compare them to the product you are looking at, then measure again. You’ll be glad you did. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to get something awesome and realize that it doesn’t fit – it’s either too big or too small. Chances are you’ve experienced this same frustration if you’ve done any kind of DIY home improvement project.

Personally, I did install the Recycle-Trash combo first but realized it was too small for my needs. I remeasured and realized I could fit two big roll out cans side-by-side which is much better for my home.

Make sure you measure, assess your needs, and make your decisions from there.

I love having my trash hidden now, and it really helps me feel like I’m one step closer to the “less is more” lifestyle. 🙂

What is your favorite minimalist hack? Comment below!