Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.


I’ll be the first, but surely not the last, to tell you this disease sucks. It just plain sucks.

The basics:

It is an autoimmune disorder.

The immune system treats the thyroid tissues like a disease, attacking it and damaging it.

The thyroid can no longer produce hormones naturally or properly, causing thyroid function to slow down.

The symptoms:

Weight gain. Trouble losing weight. Fatigue. Hair thinning or loss. Slow metabolism. Abdominal pain. Depression. Anxiety. Always feeling cold. Irregular menstruation. Fertility complications.

Seen enough? Yeah, like I said, it sucks.

The diagnosis:

1) Bloodwork to test for antibodies

2) Bloodwork to check TSH, T3, and T4 (although this has been the least effective from the women I’ve spoken with)

3) Biopsy of thyroid nodules, if present.

The treatment: 

Synthetic hormones and other medications.

However, many people experience symptoms even while on medication so it is best to take holistic approach to treating Hashimoto’s. You may have to adjust your vitamins, supplements, and diet to reap the full benefits of the medication.